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December 15, 2011
Moonlight Online on Facebook Now

IGG's massive 3D MMORPG, Moonlight Online has created quite a stir amongst many with its tantalizing sneak peeks and previews. After 3 years of rigorous game development and testing, the team aims for nothing less than perfection in bringing this unique supernatural-themed gaming universe to you. IGG has plans for the game to be translated into many languages so that gamers around the world will be able to enjoy Moonlight Online. First up, Alpha Testing is being carried out in the traditional Chinese version released on Facebook Taiwan at, with subsequent releases in other languages coming soon. With our unique Facebook gaming platform, you can enter MO's enigmatic world simply by logging into your Facebook accounts. Embracing gamers would be an all-new dimension filled with breathtaking thrills and adrenaline-pumping excitement! Experience colossal clashes of the 3 super powers as you grow from a newbie to a veteran in the game. The power struggles among the three great races are as eternal as their legacies. Whichever faction you choose, keep in mind that your adventures may be the key to survival or extinction for your race. Will you arise and become legend in the world of Moonlight Online?

Here are some of the game features that gamers can look forward to biting into:

Three Great Races
Inextricably tied to the epic story are the three great races in the game's supernatural universe. With different backgrounds and terrains, each has its own distinct traits and unique strengths. Only humans have been blessed by the gods with the gift of healing. Endowed with great intelligence and courage, they continue to persevere in the face of every challenge. Pushing their talents to their limits, they have established many schools to train their champions in the arts of might and magic. Vampires possess superhuman grace and strength in immortal bodies that house their dangerously beautiful undead souls. Their incredible reflexes give them exceptional dodging abilities that enable them to avoid many physical and spell attacks. When dusk falls, beware! For the vampires, no longer trapped by the grasp of the sun, will beg into soar through moonlit skies, looking for their next victim... Werewolves possess amazing stamina, making them one of most tenacious amongst the three races. Their astounding speed and leaping abilities permit them to scale heights and descend pits that others would consider unreachable. With a fierce bond to nature, they are unsurpassed when it comes to harnessing forces of nature.

Gripping Quests & Moving Tales
A comprehensive newbie quest guide will familiarize gamers with the game in a snap. After that, all that's left is immersing yourselves in the rich storylines of Moonlight Online. While the team is spending a great deal of effort on perfecting the tales of the NPCs for the main quests in the key storyline, players will find the lesser-known tales of various mounts and bosses equally intriguing as they complete numerous side quests. What dark past lies hidden in the crimson socket of that skull artifact? The team is devoting a lot of time on weaving stories for these creatures, including anecdotes that will intertwine with all the weird and wondrous glory of their appearances. These will be tales that players will enjoy unfolding.

Soul Equipment System
A character's weapon is his or her greatest ally in Moonlight Online. Every weapon has a soul that can be awakened by the Soul Cleric. Once a weapon's soul is stirred, it will grow along with its owner, lending its unique spirit powers to the character. When the user kills a monster they will naturally earn experience and pick up loot drops, but their soul-awakened weapon will also take something from the battle, drawing upon the creature's spirit powers. With the help of the Soul Cleric, these mysterious spirit powers stored deep within a weapon can be harnessed to grant a character amazing stat boosts and new skills.

Great Gifts Galore
To commemorate the official first release of Moonlight Online (Traditional Chinese version on Facebook Taiwan), everyone who logs into the game will receive goodie bags filled with treasures! Multi-EXP scrolls and troves of gold? These are but basic gifts. We've even pumped in rare pets and mounts into the bags! More awesome rewards will be up for grabs in the upcoming carnival of events in the game to celebrate our server debuts. Just remember that in Moonlight Online, the danger never ends, the wonders never cease, and the fun and rewards never stop!

Visit to check out Moonlight Online (Traditional Chinese version) NOW! Visit to learn more about IGG's growing family of games.



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