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June 5, 2007
EverQuest II - The Serious Adventurer's Guide to UNREST

By Linda "Brasse" Carlson

The most recently released of EverQuest II's many zones, The Estate of Unrest is located at -203, +1079 in the Butcherblock Mountains, south of the Broken Fields and through Dagnor's Pass.

Unrest is an instanced zone, and designed for a single group of level 70 players. The mobs range from 72-74 heroic, and the zone will take several hours to complete. You do not have to do the entire dungeon in one run. All of the progression items save the key to the front door can be retained from session to session, although all of the mobs will certainly respawn in your absence.

This walkthrough will not offer much in the way of tactics for individual encounters, but rather the order of progression that will get you to the end in the most efficient manner.


Generally speaking, it is wise to clear out as many mobs as possible in each area, as they will not respawn (save for a few very deep in the zone). It saves risking aggro later on.

Note that evac does not work in this zone… so there are no easy escapes. Take your time, and do not rush. Remember, you can come back another day.

A few cautions: not all small chests are innocent loot drops; not every collectible "?" symbol is a real collectible; cute cats are not. In short, things are often not as they seem. You have been warned!


Find the key to the front door. Search around the hedge maze till you come across the two parts of the key - see the map for common spawnpoints. This is the only part of the dungeon progression that has to be done every time you want access to the mansion.

Go to the Gazebo and the spirit of Jessa Quellborn will materialize. She shares the history of the Estate and if you ask her about a misplaced progression item from a previous run, a chest will appear nearby, where you can recover lost access items.

Travel round the west side of the grounds and Kyll Rucksif's Ghost will appear, beset on all sides by Relentless Bonegrasp Skeletons. Do not use AoEs or you may aggro the good Dwarf spirit. Kill the skeletons and he will hand you Kyll's Spectral Hammer. Before fading into oblivion, he begs of you "please take my hammer and save Jessla."

In the southeast corner of the estate lies the graveyard. Treading near the graves will cause Disturbed Corpses to rise. One of these is Irritated Chef Demme. Defeat him to obtain the recipe "Chef Demme's Soothing Supper". The dish calls for freshly butchered pork loin and diced vegetables. Cursed Swine Meat will serve, and can be obtained from one of the Hungering Hellhogs wandering the southwest corner of the Estate.

Go to the bar, and begin clearing out patrons. Watch for the tiny Aloof Cats… they are really Enraged Hellcats, and will change form if approached. Best to kill them when you are prepared, to prevent accidents later. There is always a bottle of Halasian Whiskey on the counter, which requires a gathering skill of 340 to pick up.

An empty bar makes for an angry bartender! The Sadistic Bartender appears behind the bar. Defeat him, and the reentry timer sets at 18 hours. Look in the chest he drops for a Bottle of Ether (Applies Ether Cloud when used - mesmerizes target and prevents AoE, does not affect Epic targets), Very Watered Down Cocktail (so watered down that you could put out a fire with it), and sometimes "Bartending for Sadists" (Provisioner recipe for Halasian Icebrew). These are all Lore items, so you can only have one of each.

There is a key by the spectral blue fire in the bar, but good luck getting it without being scorched - with the Very Watered Down Coctail in your inventory, right click on the fire to "Douse fire with cocktail" Pick up the "Back Door Key" which unlocks both the bar and game room doors.

There is a spectral blue barrier between the bar and game room. Head outside and around to the game room door. Inside on a table, you'll find the "Game Room Note", referencing a mad inventor named Mort. At this point, somewhere on the grounds The Bugaboo makes his appearance and begins his circuit around the grounds. As The Bugaboo is a level 80 Epic x2 mob, it is best avoided by most groups. Don't bother fighting him unless you've completed the rest of the dungeon.

The game room note makes reference to the game pieces being drowned: 1. In the fountain 2. In the bottom of the moat 3. In a cup on a shelf in the kitchen 4. In a goblet on the bar

Placing all four of the game pieces on the table summons Screwloose the Mad Tinkerer. When you kill him, the barrier between the bar and game room drops. You obtain two screws among the loot from the chest. They are lore and should be assigned to different party members, preferably tanks or healers with good staying power.

Split your party in two now, one to each northern tower, to the Suffering Prisoner rooms (3rd floor). If you have rogue classes along, have them disarm the trap at the top of each set of stairs, or send the people with the most hitpoints over them first. The lever on each side is missing a screw, which you now have. Attach the screws, and then pull the levers simultaneously; there is some leeway in the timing.

You hear the doors to the foyer unlock. At the same time the Suffering Prisoners are released and become aggro. Be ready! Note that the traps reset after a short time, so they need to be dealt with again.

Go back downstairs to the foyer - Torklar Battlemaster must be beaten to pass to the second floor. Kill the ground floor mobs first, and then pull him down.


Many of the rooms, including the Servant's Quarters, Nursery and Jessla's bedroom are magically locked.

Use Kyll's Spectral Hammer to break down Jessla's door. This is a sort of ring event. Kill the two Manifestations of Anguish. This draws the attention of the five Mocking Children, who morph into Manifestations themselves. After they are killed, the three Tormenting Haunts become aggressive and must be eliminated in turn.

You can now converse with Jessa Quellborn-Rucksif. She is grief-stricken, speaking of her loss, and of her baby. When you ask if she has the key to the Nursery she is reluctant to hand it over.

You will need to talk to the ghost of the mother that Jessla never knew - seek out Jessa Quellborn in the gazebo to obtain a locket. Be wary of the circuit of the Bugaboo when you traverse the grounds. Return to Jessla. Jessla is moved by the locket and gives you the Nursery Door Key.

In the Nursery, you'll see the Spirit Child. A jack-in-the-box is playing; when the tune finishes, a half dozen little Billy dolls spawn. Be sure the party is recovered from that fight before you try to collect the note you see on the shelf, because this will spawn a BIG Billy doll. When it falls, pick up the "Incomplete Hymn of Tranquility".

In order to get into the servants quarters, you need to lure out one of the servants. Head downstairs to the kitchen and have someone with the Soothing Supper recipe and swine meat in their inventory obtain some diced vegetables from the vegetable keeper in the kitchen. Then have them use the stove nearby. Irritated Cooks will begin to spawn rapidly and must be kept at bay while the meal cooks. In this case, a player who is a Provisioner will be able to create the meal much faster.

Once the meal is complete, send it up to the Dining Room above via the dumbwaiter in the kitchen. A waiter is summoned from the servant's quarters to serve the meal, leaving that room unlocked. Defeat the servants left behind and obtain the oil can in the corner.

With oil can and incomplete hymn in your possession, go upstairs to the library, and clear out the books. The Tome of Binding is the one that must be defeated in order to access Nicadeus Quellborn's bedroom. Defeat the spectres and then speak to Nicadeus. He recognizes the incomplete hymn as a present he was going to give to his grandchild. Convince him to complete it for you.

Move out from the bedroom to the rooftop balcony and find the lever that is rusted shut in the southwest corner. Be careful of the airborne Cucuy mobs up there. Use the oil can on the lever, and then pull it. This opens the Chapel Door below you.

Go to the second floor and find the music room. Have someone with the Hymn in their inventory play the piano, and prepare to defend them from rapidly spawning Provoked Musicians until the music completes. A bard class will play the song much faster than others, of course.

When the hymn is finished playing, a secret door opens in the corner. This leads upstairs to the Defiled Chapel, housing the Priest of Fear. It is best to have a rogue disarm the trap at the head of the stairs before going in. Be aware that this Priest has old school charm spells and will pit friends against friends in the battle. One of his drops is the Polished Symbol of the Faceless - four fists tied at the wrist - which will unlock the basement.

The basement is accessed via a secret wall in the ground-floor library. The person with the Symbol of The Faceless in their inventory can unlock it.

As you travel through the first vault, Barbed Bone skeletons spawn all about you, followed by amusing (but deadly) Dopplegangers. Do not be surprised if you come face to face with… yourself.

Survive this gauntlet and you will find yourself in the Torture Chamber of the Damned. Kill the mangled corpses locked within the cells as fast as you can, and beware of their substantial knockback ability. Killing her servants makes the Festering Hag irate, and she will begin attacking. One of her abilities is to eleport you inside the cells. They cannot be opened from the inside, and you will be glad that you killed the creatures first. Run about and unlock party members as needed throughout the fight.

Take out the Hag, and the shimmering magical barrier blocking the south passage fades, allowing you access to the deepest parts of Unrest.

Further down you will encounter the Hemogoblin room. Be wary of the very nasty pit traps on either side of the blood pool. Once you defeat the encounter, it is easy to run through the blood pool to continue on. If someone falls into a pit, have them stand perfectly still at a wall until you can safely cross and climb down to where the shutoff lever is.

Finally you reach the Heart of Unrest. Here you must collect Garanel's bones to bring him to answer for his crimes. The mobs called Garanel's Shards drop the bones, a different bone type in each location. You will require the skull, leg bones, ribcage, left hand, right hand, left foot, and right foot. A Garanel's Shade will spawn to attack the party each time a part is collected.

Once you have all of the pieces, go to the suit of empty armor in the center of the area and right click on it to fill it with the bones. A summoning ritual commences and soon you are faced with a very large and powerful evil Dwarf… Garanel Rucksif himself.

Should you defeat him, you receive 11,250 status points as heroic music plays and souls are released from their tortured confinement at last. Congratulations!

By the way, you will soon receive Garanel's Scorched Skull in the mail… a house item, with the promise, "Next time, the party is at your place!".


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