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May 25, 2007
Sword of the New World: Granado Espada - Interview with Peter Cesario

By Jason Van Horn

For as good as the fantasy setting is, after a while it all starts to blur together and get a little tiring and uninspired. Seriously, you can only feature the same elves, dwarves, and goblins so many times before fans start crying out for something new. If you're looking for something new, look no further than Sword of the New World, an upcoming MMOPRG that bucks the traditional sword and sorcery setting for one that takes place during the exploration era of the 15th century. We talked with Operations Producer Peter Cesario about the upcoming game, to see what beyond the setting MMORPG fans will have to look forward to.

MPOGD: What was it about Sword of the New World that attracted you as a publisher?

Peter: It has a really unique feel and position in the marketplace, both in terms of the game play and feature sets, and in terms of the consumer model. We can essentially give the consumer some incredible access to the game, to the play, to the overall experience that is quite robust with little barrier for involvement (both in terms of economics and time invested), our goal being to engage them in a way that is much more than just a trial, one that we hope will lead to a greater investment and commitment to the game.

MPOGD:  Were any difficulties/did any problems arise while trying to bring the game from Korea to the Western world? What all goes into transporting one game from an Eastern nation to the West?

Peter: I feel that there will be no problems translating Sword to the Western Market, it has all the things that we expect as players from American or a European developer, such as we have a huge quest system, trading houses, diversity of classes, and depth in game play. In addition Korean Developers place great emphasis on PvP, and this game has a huge PvP system that will offer something to every type of player. What we do not have from the Korean side is the dreaded grind, that Korean titles are often associated with. In Sword the level progression is similar to other MMO's released over the past few years in the American market.

MPOGD:  What do you think it is about the game that made it so popular in Korea? Do you think it will succeed in other countries for the same reasons, or have you found through research or anything that not every country plays the game for the same reason?

Peter: I think a number of factors contributed to the game's success in Korea, though I feel there are a few that really stand out such as the game's unique setting, stunning graphics, and its one of a kind multi character control scheme. It's these same key features that we feel will appeal to our audience and make Sword of the New World an even bigger success here in the west.

MPOGD: There will be two versions of the game when it is released - a boxed version and a free version. How was this decided upon, and why should players buy the boxed version over the free one?

Peter:  Sword of the New World will indeed be available both digitally and at retail. As to which version a player should buy, it's really just a matter of choice as both will offer certain exclusives, such as unique player characters and one month subscription service. 5. Q: Is there anyways to "upgrade" the free version without buying the boxed version, such as will there be odds and ins people will be able to purchase, without having to buy the full one A: Player's will definitely have the ability to upgrade their free accounts to a monthly subscription, which will allow them to surpass the level 20 cap and also trade with other characters. However, player's that did not originally purchase the retail or premium digital versions will not have access to any of the exclusive content that is included with them. There is also a downloadable digital version that people can purchase and download instead of the retail boxed version.

MPOGD:  Has any of the content had to be changed over through the localization process?

Peter:  Besides the changes you would expect - text, voice over, etc. - there were a few key features we felt needed to be enhanced to better cater to the western market, one of which was the multi character control system. Basically, in the Korean version of the game the MCC was a bit more difficult to use than we would have liked. So, we went ahead and began to streamline the system to make it as accessible as possible, while still keeping a certain level of sophistication for those player's that enjoy using many hotkeys and such. The results were a control scheme that is easy enough for just about anyone pick up and start playing immediately while still taking some time to master.

MPOGD:  With so many MMORPGs on the market, is there room for Sword of the New World? What is it about the game that you think ultimately sets it apart from the other competition out there and deserves the attention of gamers to at least give it a try?

Peter:  I absolutely believe there is room for a highly unique and exciting MMO such as Sword of the New World. The fact that no other title in the genre offer's the player the ability to control up to three character's at once is almost enough in itself! But add in the distinctive setting, highly detailed and striking visuals, and almost unlimited character skill combinations, and Sword of the New World is a title that no MMO fan should miss out on!

With the MMORPG field already so crowded, it takes something new and fresh to really make a case for itself and carve out its niche and standing in the genre. As if the new setting wasn't enough to get excited about, throw in a completely new family system, the ability to team with two other computer AI mates that you have control over whenever finding a party with other players proves fruitless, and you have the makings of a game that looks to certainly make a name for itself. We'd like to thank Operations Producer Peter Cesario for taking the time to answer our questions and shed some light on Sword of the New World.


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